Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a fall hike + a giveaway with LÄRABAR!

i feel so lucky to live where we do this time of year. the mountains are just next door, and with a short little drive we are in a fall paradise. life has been *crazy* busy, so we decided to make time for a little getaway the other weekend and drove up to the mountains for a little hike.
so beautiful! i could have stared at this view forever
one of the most important parts of hiking for me are the snacks! there's nothing worse than being at the top of the mountain when hunger pains and irritability sets in and there is no snack to cure it. there's also nothing worse than running out of water. once, scofield and i had a 4 mile hike down a mountain when we realized that we were out of water. we basically ran the whole way back in order to get to water as fast as we could. we learned a valuable lesson we will never forget - always pack extra water.
for as long as i can remember, LÄRABAR has been my granola bar of choice. i love that there are so few ingredients in them, making them less processed and just about as natural as you can get in a granola bar. there is no added sugar, but all of the sugar and flavor comes from dried fruit. so, as you can imagine, i was so excited when they asked me to partner with them to offer a giveaway to you.
there are so many delicious flavors available - carrot cake, fudge brownie, peanut butter cookie, key lime pie, lemon bar, pecan pie, cherry pie, and the list goes on. this is not something you don't want to miss...

so now for the good stuff: to enter, visit the LÄRABAR product page and leave a comment below answering one of these questions:

- which flavor of LÄRABAR are you most excited to try, and why?
- how would LÄRABAR compliment your outdoor adventures?

the giveaway closes on 11/16, wherein one reader will be chosen! and don't forget to go here to get a coupon for your next LÄRABAR purchase.

 happy hiking, and good luck!

this post is sponsored by LÄRABAR but all opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, October 27, 2014

sunday stroll

one of my favorite things to do is take evening walks with scofield. when we can fit one in on a sunday, it's a great time to connect, share stories, and ask questions before we start another busy week. and between the view of the fall leaves and the cool weather, this time of the year couldn't be more perfect for one.
i think this is the first time we have taken a 'selfie' with the camera, and it hasn't turned out blurry. success!

hope you had a great weekend! now off to that busy week.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

netflix picks!

since we've been married, we haven't had cable or satellite. we don't even have those little bunny ears that can get you like a total of four channels. so when we want to watch tv, we head over to our friends house, or we turn on netflix. right now i am doing a full-time, unpaid dietetic internship, so when we were looking at our budget, staying cable-free was definitely a way we could save a little money. fifty dollars a month can go a long way, and we haven't really had the spare change. but 8 dollars ... 8 dollars we have, so we quickly decided to subscribe to netflix. we really enjoy having date nights and watching new shows together [ our life is so wild, i know ;) ]. so, through our browsing, i've compiled a little list of our favorite shows / movies on netflix.

house of cards ||
this is a netflix original series, and so worth a netflix subscription itself. if you like political dramas, then you'll love this one.

blackfish ||
this film is a documentary following orcas in captivity. prepare for water works and to never visit seaworld again...

scandal ||
oh yes, another political drama and i am obsessed. i just started watching, so i'm not up to date with the new season. so if you aren't either, prepare to get hooked.

terra nova ||
scofield and i have been really into sc-fi action shows in the past, like lost and revolution. terra nova is kind of like a light-hearted sci-fi/action/adventure show. don't get too hooked, though, because sadly it only lasted one season.

continuum ||
once again ... sci-fi, action, adventure [can you tell who picks all the shows in our house?] i was skeptical at first and not interested, but once w got into it i really enjoyed it. i like how there really isn't a good guy and a bad guy. it's all kind of gray. everybody's kind of everything. kind of like in real life, you know.

i'd love to know, what are your favorite netflix picks!? we're always happy to hear new recommendations!

Monday, October 20, 2014

fall date ideas || apple picking with girlfriends

a few of my closest girlsfriends and i recently headed up to sky top orchard for a little apple picking with katherine herndon photography. it's one of my favorite things to do in fall, and lucky for us, the orchard is nearby, only about 45 minutes away. we got really lucky, because the weather called for rain, but we decided to take our chances anyway. when we got there we had just missed the torrential down pour and the sun was out and shining for us. yeah! we had so much fun running around, picking apples, and taking pictures. it seems sky top is getting more and more popular every year, so we really had to search to find apples this year. i heard that with the rate they are growing, they will probably have to expand soon. yay! more apples for us, right!?

katherine is a total whiz with her camera, not to mention one of the kindest, trendiest humans i know. i could not have enjoyed this collaboration more, and am so excited to share some pictures with you below... 
such a fun, perfect day in the apple orchard. before we left we made sure to grab some freshly baked apple cider donuts, along with frozen apple cider. couldn't have asked for a better afternoon with muh ladies.

thank you katherine for the pictures!


don't forget to check katherine out on her website and facebook page!
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